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Fountain of Wellness – Smart Food for Fast People – Greater Lansing’s Premier Wellness and Nutrition Education Center


Good Nutrition = Good Health

The Home of the “SUPER” Smoothie!!!


Fountain of Wellness

Where Good Taste
Meets Good Health


123 N. Bridge St. (In the Middle of the Main Downtown Block) Dimondale, Mich. • 517-256-7204

The Fountain of Wellness is the Greater Lansing’s premier Nutrition Wellness Center, providing a multitude of choices for those wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.  The primary concern of each Nutrition Specialist at the Fountain of Wellness is helping you improve your health and fitness by making better nutrition and lifestyle choices.  Coaches help “Fountain” regulars and Nutrition Class participants find food choices which are both healthy and tasty.

“It doesn’t matter how good a food is for you,” says Dr. Mehmet Oz,
“if the food doesn’t taste good to you, you won’t eat it!”

Dr. Oz is one of the favorite “mentors” of Fountain of Wellness nutrition specialists, who regularly use brief clips from his shows during Nutrition Classes and Weight-Loss Challenge sessions.  Note: Nutrition Classes and Weight-Loss Challenges are provided as a community service; none of the Wellness Coaches, Nutrition Specialists nor the Fountain of Wellness receive any payment for providing their services or class space.

Our American “Health Care System” is actually a “Sick Care System” which is
basically only concerned with treating those who are sick and need medical attention.
The system does very little to help people be healthy and avoid needing medication or an operation.

The Fountain of Wellness has three basic phases for fostering healthy lifestyles: 

A collage of the “SUPER” Smoothie Shop images.

FIRST: When you come through the front door you’ll immediately find yourself between the “SUPER” Smoothie Shop on the left, and Nutrition Education Center classroom space.  The “SUPER” Smoothie menu offers five-or-more standard tasty Favorite Flavor options for a healthy meal.  There will also be a “Flavor of the Week” at a reduced “introductory” price.  Each 16 oz. smoothie offering is a “complete meal” providing all the nutrition needed for a healthy breakfast, lunch or supper.  The Fountain of Wellness Super Smoothies taste “sooo goooood” you won’t believe they are good for you!  Along with your smoothie you’ll also receive an aloe drink (a succulent palate cleanser as well as an excellent digestive tonic) and a stimulating cup of herbal tea.  All of this for as low as $3.95 (special introductory price for the Flavor of the Week) per visit.  Just ONE “visit” qualifies for special privileges at the Fountain for up to a year.

SECOND: To the right of the entrance you’ll see the Nutrition Education Center.  This is just one of the locations where Fountain of Wellness Nutrition Specialists host Weight Loss Challenges and Nutrition Classes, as well as community activities.

THIRD: The opportunity for one-on-one Wellness Coaching by Personal Wellness Coach Driscilla McCourtie, PWC Mark Ives and their team of dedicated nutrition and healthy lifestyle specialists.

The Weight-Loss Challenges, Nutrition Classes and one-on-one coaching are often conducted at other locations such as a local business, where the employer knows that a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, as well as community locations such as churches and schools which provide convenient meeting places for area residents.

Driscilla also maintains a McCourtie Herbal Heath office at the Fountain of Wellness to provide clients with necessary food supplements to ensure a complete nutritional plan for living healthier.

“Our primary goal at the Fountain of Wellness is to offer the community healthy meal options,” explains Driscilla.  “We are open for late breakfast through late lunch hours (usually 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Farmer’s Market hours – 1 to 7 p.m. – on Thursdays), closed Sundays and Mondays.  We are also open other hours to meet your specials needs!  If the lights are on, Come On IN!  Other times, just give us a call at 517-256-7204 and we’ll try to accommodate you.  The highly-nutritious Super Smoothies come in many flavors and include a variety of fruit options.  If you don’t see your ‘favorite flavor’ on the menu, just ask and we’ll try to fill your order.”

Most of the people who come to the Fountain of Wellness are concerned about being overweight.  However, we also have solutions for those who are underweight!

“The Weight Loss Challenge sessions are non-profit events,” notes Mark.  “The entry fees are used only for prize moneys and overhead expenses such as advertising the activities.  Each Weight Loss Challenge session includes a Nutrition Class, which, along with the prospect of winning significant prize dollars, helps motivate participants to develop healthy lifestyles.”

Weight Loss Challenge classes typically run once-a-week for 12 weeks, giving participants a reasonable time to see results from their weight-management activities.  With the nutrition information provided, many participants are able to significantly improve their dietary habits and set achievable weight management goals.

“Changing habits is not easy,” says Driscilla.  “The best way is to gradually tweak your habits; a little less of those things which are adversely affecting your health or weight-loss efforts, a little additional of those dietary items needed to be more healthy, along with following some basic tips on achieving a reasonable amount of exercise.  It can be amazing how just a few small adjustments to your lifestyle can result in major improvements in your weight-management efforts as well as your health.”

“Food is the medicine we take three times a day,” according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman on his PBS special.

“Not all of the persons we are coaching need to lose weight,”

Coach Driscilla passes out healthy food information during the Nutrition Class of a Weight-Loss Challenge session.  Videos and demonstrations are also part of the instruction provided.  Classes range from “Excess Sugar Health Issues” to “How to Read Labels at the Grocery Store.”

comments Mark.  “Some need to gain weight, especially muscle mass.  Many have other health issues, mainly caused by poor dietary choices, a common problem of Americans today.  Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy!”

FREE wellness coaching is available to all Weight Loss Challenge and Nutrition Class participants, as well as Fountain of Wellness regulars and McCourtie Herbal Health clients (McCourtie Herbal Health is the Fountain of Wellness parent company and food supplement vendor).  “Our wellness coaching is provided by qualified individuals who have been professionally trained,” emphasizes Driscilla.  “Your initial wellness evaluation includes an electronic bio-impedance body analysis.  You should not eat for three hours before the analysis.”

There are a few health situations which cause a person to gain weight. 
However, there are MANY health issues caused or exacerbated by being overweight!!!


Join our Weight Loss Challenge class and win a cash prize!  Call for the current cost of a 12-week program.  The top 3 losers will take home the CASH!  Bring friends and family to compete against!  You will receive FREE personal coaching and group support!

Being overweight regularly goes hand-in-hand with having high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and the onset of Type-2 Diabetes.  Originally this type of diabetes was called “Adult-Onset Diabetes,” but because Americans have succumbed to such poor eating habits – usually involving high levels of sugar consumption – Type-2 Diabetes is now afflicting younger and younger victims, including teens and even preschoolers!!!

“The ‘Standard American Diet’ has an appropriate acronym,” says Dr. Fuhrman, “because what Americans habitually eat really is SAD!!!”

With the explosion of Fast Food restaurants, the increase in highly refined or more-than-ever processed food, as well as significant increases in the levels of saturated fats and sugars, plus the introduction of trans-fats (hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated vegetable oils) into our diets, the incidence of heart diseases, cancers, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, etc., is dramatically escalating!

“It IS NOT more expensive to eat healthy,” emphasizes J.J. Virgin, a Certified Nutrition Specialist,
during her TV presentations.  “IT IS MORE EXPENSIVE to pay for doctor visits,
prescription drugs, co-pays, deductions and your suffering!!!”

Steps to Being Healthy

1.      Contact us and ask for a Wellness Coach.

2.      Make an appointment with your Wellness Coach and receive a FREE wellness evaluation.

3.      Find out your Magic Numbers at your appointment and get a plan from your Wellness Coach to assist you in meeting your wellness goals.

4.      Follow the plan, working closely with your Wellness Coach, to achieve the results YOU WANT and DESERVE!

Whether you just want general health and nutrition improvement, or help with specific health issues, we have solutions for you.

The Fountain of Wellness and McCourtie Herbal Health are affiliated with the world’s most successful wellness company.  That company is dedicated to simplifying the path to healthy living.  This affiliation assures the distribution of the highest-quality products which combine the best of science and nature for better nutrition made simple.  These innovative products have been developed by scientists, doctors and nutritionists with personal wellness goals in mind.  The products are offered in most countries around the globe.

The well­ness company’s Scientific Advisory Board, Medical Affairs Group and Medical Advisory Board, are the guiding forces behind its industry-leading success.  This team of respected scientific experts directs the development of products through research and product testing, ensuring that quality meets the highest standards set for the industry today.

Although each Fountain of Wellness Nutrition Specialist is authorized to offer clients health-promoting food supplements, the emphasis is on providing you with the information you need to develop a quality, whole-food foundation for your nutritional needs.  Supplements are recommended only for filling gaps in your whole-food diet.  Whether you just want to generally improve your health through better nutrition, want to lose/gain/maintain weight, build muscle, or are seeking help with specific health issues, Wellness Coaches at the Fountain of Wellness have possible solutions for you.

“Only put whole, high-quality food into your body,” instructs Dr. Daniel Amen, “and NOT TOO MUCH!”

Dr. Amen is known as “The Brain Doctor” on PBS.  When you strive to have a healthier brain following Dr. Amen’s advice, the rest of your body will ALSO be MORE HEALTHY!  Many following his “brain health” suggestions often lose weight.  “Get rid of artificial sweeteners!” emphasizes Dr. Amen.  “They fool your brain and you end up craving MORE sweets!”

“A word of caution about marketing ‘Buzz Words’ like ‘wheat bread’ or ‘brown rice,’” warns Fountain of Wellness Technical Support Specialist Steve McCourtie.  “Even bread made from highly refined and bleached white flour is ‘wheat bread!’  Some people say ‘brown rice’ when they really mean (you can tell by the context) ‘whole grain’ rice.  Most of the rice Americans consume is ‘polished’ rice, which means the bran (there goes your fiber!) and – even more importantly – the germ (there goes most of the nutrients!) have been removed; all that you have left are the empty starch calories!

“Polished Brown Rice IS NOT significantly healthier than polished White Rice!  Look at the package; if it doesn’t say ‘whole grain’ it doesn’t count!  Similarly on breads – even ‘multi-grain’ breads – if it doesn’t say ‘100% Whole Grain’ or ‘100% Whole Wheat’ you are probably just paying for a marketing ploy, not necessarily a healthier food!!!”

“I ‘dieted’ myself to nearly 200 pounds!” reports Coach Driscilla.

“I was trying practically every weight-loss diet I could find.  Even if one seemed to work, it only worked for a little while and then I’d gain my weigh back, plus more!  At one point our family doctor reviewed my blood panel and exclaimed, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!’

“Then I found a person who knew something about nutrition, not just counting calories or eliminating carbs and/or fats from my diet.  I quickly began to lose weight,” she recalls.  “I also had more energy and definitely felt healthier.  My new Wellness Coach knew how to design a diet customized for ME!  She knew how to avoid the pitfalls of boring and bland foods.  Not only was I eating healthier, I was also enjoying exciting and tasty new flavors.  Soon people were coming up to me and commenting: ‘Dris, you look GREAT!  What ARE you DOING?’  Many also asked, ‘How can I get … ?’  That’s how I started looking better, got a much-improved outlook on life, started enjoying a much healthier lifestyle and soon became a Wellness Coach myself.”

The Fountain of Wellness offers many options for improving your health through making better nutrition choices.

Here is a small selection from a huge list of health concerns with which we can possibly help:

Weight Management:  Lose, gain or maintain

Body Detoxification including colon cleanse

Lower Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

Strengthen Immune System

Improve Allergies & Asthma

Reduce PMS & Menopause Symptoms

Relieve Acid Reflux

Improve IBS

Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain

Improve Skin & Hair Condition

Improve Memory

Improve Circulation

Increase Energy

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Reduce Inflammation & Arthritis Pain

Customized Sports Nutrition

The Fountain of Wellness is a wellness-coaching community center; you are welcome to walk-in during regular hours or by appointment.  For more information on the Fountain of Wellness, make an appointment or to receive a FREE wellness evaluation, call 517-256-7204.

Social events are held regularly at the Fountain of Wellness Currently Euchre Nights are being held the First Saturday of each month.  You do not have to be a client or regular to participate  Everyone is welcome.  Euchre Nights are FREE events.  Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage (herbal tea will be provided) and a “reasonably healthy” snack to share (optional).  Doors open at 6 p.m. and games begin at 6:30 p.m.  You do not have to bring a partner.  Players of all skill levels, from teens-and-up, are welcome.  Certificates will be presented to the evening’s top three players.  Specially discounted complete-meal smoothies will be available to Euchre players from 6 to 6:30 p.m.

There is parking on Bridge Street right in front of the Fountain of Wellness.  Additional parking is available just across the street in the Dimondale Village Offices Parking Lot.

Print/clip the coupon below for your Half-Off Club (only $2.95) Visit, which includes a complete Super Smoothie Meal as well as a FREE Wellness Evaluation (Click here for Printable Coupon; additional “visits” are $4.95; note that during this transition period the “Regular Visit” price has been lowered, but not the “Half-Off” price).

The smoothies are called “Super” because a 16-ounce cup has all the protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc., you are SUPPOSED to get in a light meal (breakfast, lunch or a light supper).

Make a purchase of any kind and you will become a Fountain of Wellness client.  Your benefits include free wellness coaching, use of meeting space (dependant on availability) for business or community activities, etc. (discuss your needs with Coach Driscilla, Coach Mark or TSS Steve).

A variety of table sizes, shapes and arrangements are available.  The Class Room layout can accommodate up to 20 persons.  Classroom or theater seating can be set up for as many as 30 persons.  There is a large flat-screen TV and video projector available, with auxiliary speakers for computer or DVD presentations.

For more information about who or what a Wellness Coach is, visit online.